Advertisement contracts run from January to December, and guarantee eleven news- letter advertisements. We need you to confirm your AD for the year ______by January 5th, of the year and send appropriate payment and size request. In addition, we need your AD to be submitted with this contract in electronic form (soft copy), and a paper copy as proof (hard copy). This contract is for the full year. You may wish to stop your AD at any time provided minimum 1 month written notice is given. The amount you paid for the AD will not be refunded. Payment needs to be made in full at the time of placement of advertise. Please make selection from following size…

  • 1. Full Year-Full page ad: $1000.00
  • 2. Full Year-Half page Ad: $700.00
  • 3. Full Year-Quarter page ad: $450.00
  • 4. Front page AD (1/4 Page): $1800.00
  • 5. Last page AD (1/4 Page): $1500.00
  • 1. One Time AD (Half Page)-$75.00
  • 2. One Time AD (Qtr. Page)-$50.00
  • 3. Event Banners(6 Days-Navratri)-$400.00
  • 4. Event Banners(1 Day-Navratri)-$75.00

We thank you for your continued support of the Gujarati Cultural Association of Bay Area. Please take a moment to sign this contract and mail along with your payment before January 5th ________. AD will only be placed once payment is received with signed contract. Any AD changes must submitted by 25th of every month. GCA is not liable for printing setup charges. GCA Communication Director will be approving AD content before newsletter printed. News letter will be distributed within first 2 weeks of each month.

GCA Board Thanks you for your support.